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I qualified in 1997 with a psychology degree, specializing in dogs and wolves. My dissertation was on the correlation between owner and dog behaviour and my placement was with the famous dog behaviourist Dr. Mugford in Chertsey at The Company of Animals.
After this I worked for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. This involved training rescue and donated dogs (both pure breed and rescue) and ensuring the dogs were well socialized, trained to a high level of obedience and for sound work. These dogs needed to be trained with a specific deaf person in mind and their unique needs catered for. I then went on to become the placement officer for these dogs - helping to train them with their recipient in the centre and at the recipient's home to ensure they were working well and making follow up visits. 
With a desire to share my knowledge and skills to assist pet owners in having a more fulfilled and happier relationship with their dogs, I started working independently as a dog trainer and behaviourist and worked all over the country with a vast array of dogs from puppies to veterans and of challenges from puppy training to more advanced behavioural issues. 
I love dogs and know that my knowledge can enable you and your dog to have a more trusting, rewarding, positive and fulfilled relationship.

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