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Supporting you & your dog
General or Specific Training Needs

One to one dog training is the perfect solution to work on skills or stop unwanted behaviour.
Over the years I have worked with many different dog breeds, mixes and rescue dogs and can bring my experience and knowledge to help you get the best from your relationship with your dog.
Each stage of your dog's life will present different training issues that I can teach you how to work with to enable you to have the perfect dog for you and your situation.
I can help with all the usual issues that are breed or personality related such as jumping up, over excitement, steeling food, house training, recall, cats, livestock, children, babies, socialization with other dogs, socialization with people, traffic, and a variety of situations, lunging on the lead, hunting and so on. 
Get in touch for a consultation with your dog and get a tailor-made package that is perfect for both you and your dog.
On average a training session lasts an hour and I will work directly with your dog, helping you to build the skills to train your dog.

How I work
Old dogs can learn new tricks! Young or old, big or small!

I can work with any age dog and any breed to make your life and that of your dog’s more fun, rewarding, and enjoyable.
To begin with I offer a free 15-minute pre-consultation phone call, in which we agree what is required.
If you book me in, I then come to your home and observe you and your dog in your own environment to have a deeper, more personalized consultation, going over lifestyle and routines.
This is followed by an hour’s training session. All my training methods are ethical and based on positive rewards, placing the dog’s welfare at the centre of my work.
Following the training session, I will send on a personalized follow up report and training manual to support your continued work with your dog. In addition to this you will be able to book further training sessions if needed. Free follow up phone calls and email support, is included to ensure success with your dog.

I offer one-off training sessions, multiple training sessions and packages to meet all your needs. (Prices are shown lower in the page.)

Puppy Training

We can start with your puppy from 12 weeks old. Puppies love this work as much as I do!
Create good habits for a lifetime of happiness.
I will design a 6-month personalized program for you, your unique situation and lifestyle to match your dog's breed and personality.
This early work is essential for ensuring a positive start with your dog and will include house training, recall, socialization, early obedience, separation work and much more.
Puppy work is one of the keys to a happier, healthier dog and I will give you the tools and techniques to achieve everything you want. I work in a kind, calm way with your pup.

Working with the Whole Family


We often get a dog as a family pet and with everyone working in the same way this can be amazingly rewarding to enrich the whole family. 

I can offer sessions working specifically with the children in the family so they become are confident handlers which will enhance your experience of a family dog.

Special Rates for Dog Training Services
Love Your Dog More


One to One Training Session


This starts with a phone call to go over your needs and to book a session. I will be able to work out what equipment I need to bring with me, if any, and how to start working with you and your dog.

This is suitable for dogs of all ages, from puppy to older dogs.

We can work on teaching new behaviours or perfect existing ones.

You may want to work on stopping unwanted behaviours such as jumping up or pulling on the lead.

I will come to your home and meet you and your dog. This gives me a chance to see you and your dog relaxing together and to chat through your routines, needs and issues while observing your dog.

We will go over everything from what you are feeding your dog to what you want to work on and what you want from your dog.

We will get straight to it, with an hours training session in the home, garden and out on a walk where I will use all my skills and experience to work with your dog and then teach you how to work in the same way as well as setting goals for the next 3 to 6 months.

I will send you a tailor-made, personal report on your dog which is a  step-by-step guide to follow.

I will be available to offer support on the phone and by email as you continue to work with your dog on your own.

If you need a follow up visit you can always book one in or upgrade to the next package.

Many people find that a one-off visit, training session and support is all that they need with their dog.

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Delightful Doggies

£300 / 4 sessions

This is four 1-hour training sessions for your dog or puppy for owners needing to work on longer term training goals with their dog or with the need of extra support.

This can work with the family or as one-to-one sessions.

This includes a home consultation, and a further three  1-hour training sessions in your home, garden, on a walk, in the park etc. You will receive a bespoke training manual and report as well as the support of follow up phone calls and email if needed.

Pre-Puppy Consultation


This is all about matching the pup and your home and family for the perfect start to your life with your puppy! I come to you home and go over the absolute basics that will get you through from day 1 of the puppy arriving (including any travel involved) through to when the puppy is 12 weeks old. 

This will go over how to start off leaving the puppy at night, what equipment you need (if any), your lifestyle and expectations as well as what the puppy needs so you start in the exact way you and the puppy need to go forward, unique to you, your family and your puppy.

This is a pre puppy consultation and is best done in your home with you on your own or with the whole family. 

We will cover the basics of good routines, expectation, feeding, separation at night, house training, teething, starting basic word commands in the home.

You receive a mini training manual of how to start off with your puppy for the first 12 weeks

Basic Puppy


This package is two in person 1-hour sessions in your home.

You can start as young as 12 weeks old and puppies adore this work!

This ensures you and your pup get off to the perfect start.

I will look at the breed of dog you have chosen and focus on breed related issues, what you need for your unique situation and lifestyle and how this will work for your pup's personality.

I will cover all the basic training and general care of a puppy.

This also includes a bespoke puppy training report and manual.

There is also follow up support by email and phone calls for you and your puppy.

Perfect Puppy 

£150 / 2 Sessions

This involves everything in the Basic Puppy Package but goes one step further with a second visit and training session which covers all the essentials for a sound adult dog.

There is also follow up support by email and phone calls for you and your puppy.

With this package I will come back and make sure the first stage of puppy training is secure and move you and your puppy on to the next stage of dog training where we will cover everything that will enable you to focus on more advance work such as heel work on the lead, recall, and issues that arise as your dog mature and the second training manual will cover the training for your pup from 6 months to two years old.

Family Dog Training

£150.00 / 1.5hr

This is a ideal, most positive way to work with you dog. 
Often, we find different family members giving off different messages or expectations to our dogs and this is confusing and conflicting for the dog.
When everyone in the family is involved in training the dog or puppy the confidence in the dog and family members is optimum and everyone is happy!
Often children become scared of the puppy in the family as it goes through phases of teething, jumping up or getting over excited but learning how to be with and around the puppy as well as getting on board with the training will ensure positive relationships are formed and maintained for life.
In this package I will do a short phone call consultation and then arrange to come to the family home. This will need to be for a couple of hours while I will have an in-person consultation and then work with the whole family to positively train the dog or puppy and work on issues raised.
Additional follow up visits and training sessions can be priced and added on if needed.
I will write a family dog report and training manual and will be available for phone and email follow ups.

Multiple Dog Training

£150 / 1.5hr

We often have more than one dog in our home and so training can become more of a challenge! 
A dog that didn't previously bark can learn to, and behaviour problems get copied.
Even the basics of obedience, recall, socialization, and lead work need more focus when there is more than one dog in the home.
Perhaps you want to work on different issues with each dog?
You may have an old dog and are introducing a puppy? You may have siblings or mum and pup? Want to add a rescue to your pack? This is all manageable and easy with a tailor-made training program and manual that I will create for you.
After the initial phone call, I will come for a consultation to go over all your daily routines and lifestyle needs as well as your dog's behaviours, habits and breed related issues.
We will then have a 90-minute training session with both the dogs in your home, garden and in a walk if needs be. I will work with you to support you training your dogs and trying out new and different methods.
I will then be able to write you the training manual and send this to you to support your continued work for the next 6 months.
If you need follow up sessions with your dogs together or on their own, we can discuss this.
I will be available for follow up phone call and email support.

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